Welcome to Egmont!

Home of the spectacular coastal fjord of Jervis Inlet

High Tide Tours invite you to explore with us the wonders and beauty of Hotham Sound and the Skookumchuck Tidal Rapids.

Please note that Google Maps have not properly indexed Egmont yet and the map above might be a bit misleading. When you come off the highway onto Egmont Road, stay on Egmont Road until you get to the bottom of the road, where you can drive right onto the dock. There is a parking lot with High Tide’s name right there ($5 a day). Call for direction if you do get lost – 1.604.883.9220.

Our seasoned local guides will offer you the trip of a lifetime and insight into the pristine beauty and natural history of our special part of the British Columbian coast.

We take you to places where you can enjoy unique wildlife and nature photography opportunities. Birds, mammals, pictographs, waterfalls, historical sites and scenery are all a part of our day. 

  • Our tours are available through all seasons.
  •  Water Taxi services are available 24/7.

Please contact us to arrange a trip custom tailored for you and your group.